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Let’s talk about Smartlipo. Is Smartlipo really a smart decision? Laser Lipolysis is the latest technology used to treat excess fatty deposits. The first laser to come out to treat fat and the one that is most well known is called Smartlipo. The amount of awareness for liposuction has skyrocketed since Smartlipo was launched. The reason for this, is because it’s been heavily marketed as the latest advance and as a procedure that can be done in the office with only local anesthesia. There’s actually very little, if any, good research showing whether Smartlipo is effective. Most plastic surgeons have learned to be skeptical of new technology that is not backed by good research. According to Slimplasty, Liposuction Atlanta was originally designed and marketed to treat just small areas of fat such as in the neck. It is marketed as something that can be done in the office with the patient completely awake. Because of this, many non-plastic surgeons, who don’t have access to credited operating rooms, decided that they could do this procedure in the office and over night, they decided to become cosmetic surgeons.


The initial lasers that came out, lasers that many of these doctors bought, actually have very little power (perhaps 6-10 watts) and are not doing that much to the fat. Now, there are newer lasers that have more power, maybe 18-30 watts which may be doing more to melt the fat. However, with this increased power, comes more risk and more pain. You can’t use these strong machines with a patient that is completely awake. The reality of that is, if you want Smartlipo with a machine that is actually doing something, you need to have one with more power and you’re going to need to have at least strong IV sedation or general anesthesia.

The procedure is usually done first with tumescent anesthesia, which is injected, and then the laser part is done and then the fat is removed with a regular old suction assisted liposuction cannula. The question arises whether the laser is really doing anything significant that would not be done with a regular liposuction alone.

Love your body with Coolsculpting Atlanta

Hello, I’m Christopher Bell, a Coolsculpting specialist in Atlanta.
Do you struggle with areas on your body that you wish were not there? A little bulge here, a little area on the abdominal region, a little love handle, a little bra fold, inner thighs, around your arms? I think we all have areas of fat that we work really hard with. We might exercise, we might eat healthy, and still be feeling like we’re struggling with those areas.
Well there is an amazing technology called Coolsculpting by a company named Zeltiq. Over 200,000 procedures have been performed with this amazing technology. It is FDA-approved to get rid of unwanted fat from specific areas of our body in a very non-invasive, non-surgical, and little to no downtime manner. Now let’s talk about how this works.
Well, it’s a very interesting technology because what it does, and this actually came from studies that were done at Harvard University where it was shown that areas of fat (the fat cells), when they are frozen to below freezing temperatures, they can actually go through a process called apoptosis which is natural cell death. So, this particular procedure actually takes those fat cells into the device, and some of the hand pieces can be of different sizes, different shapes, depending on what areas you’re addressing. In fact, recently we’ve also gotten the newest hand piece which is a flat applicator that works really well on the outer thighs which is an area that most women do not like.

coolsculpting before after
These hand pieces will freeze that area of fat without harming the skin or the tissue that it’s directly coming in contact with because of course we lay over some protective mediums between the actual device as well as the area of fat on the skin. It takes that fat to below freezing temperatures so that the fat cells actually crystallize and then they go through apoptosis, which is natural cell death, and our body’s emphatic system is able to clear those fat cells permanently from your body. So this is not once of those approaches where you take a plum and go down to a prune and then eat unhealthy and go back to a plum again. This is an approach where those areas, with the fat cells in those areas, are gone permanently.
Usually we recommend one to two treatments for people and it depends on who much fat we’re dealing with and they’re usually spaced between four weeks apart. The results are seen sometimes very quickly and at other times the optimal results are seen within two to three months after the treatment.
So my suggestion would be, if you have areas of fat on your body that you’re struggling with, and the most common areas that we treat are the abdominal fat, the love handles, the bra folds, the arms, the inner thighs, the outer thighs, really any area that you have fat on, we can treat. We can give you a good treatment as long as we can provide a personalized consultation and make sure that this is the best thing for you. So if you are one of those people that are interested in Coolsculpting Atlanta, book your consultation or go to We’d be happy to see you for a complimentary personalized consultation so that we can see if this is the procedure for you.

The history of gold chains for men

Good summit the first gold chains for men date back to the ancient cultures if iraq increase they were symbols of wealth royalty and the divine. Lucky for us jewelers now make these personal treasures more affordable and more durable than ever but you may be surprised to learn what they put in the goal to make it better. Pure gold is fairly soft and bright yellow so it’s common to create an ally to strengthen it and alter its color I’m copper lens a reddish hue I’m and grass helps the ally melt more quickly than gold and copper would alone.

Depending on the ratio adding these metals producers 14 or 18 karat gold. They mailed the mix in a crucible at one thousand ten degrees Celsius just three at the scoops are enough to make about 5,000 14 karat gold chains home. To work reports the molten alloy into a casting machine water cools the metal to around three hundred and seventy degrees Celsius solidifying its the metal passes through around I which shapes it into a golden rod that’s nearly two meters long. After cutting the right in half workers passes through what’s called a breakdown male the machine reshapes the rod from round to square so it’ll be easier to stretch cool. Do next stop attend a male it’s got 12 rollers that stretch the raw until it’s about as thin as a pizza spaghetti as it emerges rollers shape the rod into a quelle that’s 24 meters long. Do workers soften the quail meadow in another can they un pollo and continue stretching what’s now a wider by passing through a die lined with industrial diamonds to prevent overheating the machine sprays lubricant to cool the wire while reducing it to the whip for the human hair. Its final size them the wire then lines in 20 early twenty eight hundred meter long school I’m next they unwind 232 have the spools and run the wires through another oven to soften them even more just. In case you’re thinking working here is a golden opportunity you should know that security is very tight employees must pass through metal detectors before going home and wearing jewelry to work is strictly forbidden. This machine makes what’s called cable chain it passes wire through the link and closes it to make another link.

The machine X 600 links per minute here a worker does a random quality check when this machine makes a change in what’s called Venetian style the wire passes through channel where mechanical just bend it over a died to make a link with the preceding segment. To make what’s called a spider style this machine passes a wife who have 25 loops before closing the loop means way hun for figaro style chain this machine makes three short links before mechanical arm moves the chain to another area to add one longer link the arm then moved back to add three more short links. Done the simplest I’ll is what’s called a rope chain to make it this machine threats a wife to as many as two loops then closes it to make another league the code to finish chains with a lubricating powder that prevents the links from sticking to each other during the next step when the heat the chains to 815 degree Celsius. This activates a soldering agent added to the medals earlier it fuses the ends of the links to each other this machine welcoming to a clasp on the chains a tag indicating the gold quality goes on to the class finally the chains go through four chemical bath which fairly clean them then workers playtime with a layer of 14 or 18 karat gold plating gold with gold creates a more vibrant finish after one last quality check these chains are ready to dazzle their weight when they climb near you.

Addressing Concerns about Ultherapy in Atlanta

With any cosmetic procedures, there are dozens of questions that need to be answered. I’ve decided to create this blog to answer the most common questions and concerns regarding Ultherapy. Being a patient and Ultherapy specialist myself, I know that there aren’t enough resources online to answer the important questions.

ultherapy information

How much does Ultherapy cost?

The cost varies depending on the areas that are treated. It could be as low as $500 and high as $4000 when we’re treating the face. It’s usually $1500 to treat just the neck, $1500 to treat the mid-face, and $1500 to treat the eye and brow area. When we see patients and we treat the entire face, rather than charging for each individual area, the package for treating the entire face can cost around $3500. There are patients who only want an isolated area such as the upper lip which is a very nice application of Ultherapy technology. Usually that area is around $500. What’s exciting about Ulthera is research is currently being done to treat other areas of the body. I’ve been informed by people who are doing that research that pretty much Ultherapy is effective treating the skin anywhere on the body that’s laxed so in the near future I think we’ll be hearing about treatments of the arms, the chest, actually lifting breasts, abdominal treatment, and treatments of the legs. All in all, I think this is an incredible and unique technology and we’re very excited to be able to offer it to the people in Atlanta.

Does Ultherapy really work?

One of the first things I saw when I went online and looked up Ultherapy, was an answer to a question that asked, “does it work and does it hurt?” The answer to that question is yes it does and there is some discomfort associated with it. Recently, a panel of experts in Atlanta had a meeting and came to the consensus that it is indeed very effective and they’re seeing excellent results in their patients with very satisfied patients. So, it does work, we know that. I think that the protocols of how to treat patients best is still being worked out and I think it’s important to have someone with an artistic vision treating you, someone who is an expert in the technology, and it can be customized to individual patients. We’re very excited to incorporated this technology from Ulthera because of it’s effectiveness. For me to take something from outside and bring it into our practice, it has to be safe and effective.

Does it hurt is an excellent question. There is some discomfort involved with Ultherapy. When I sampled it, it was enough of a discomfort for me to know that something was being done. There’s a wide range. Some patients will lie there and have the entire treatment and say that it wasn’t too bad. Other patients are all over the place. So there’s a wide range in response to the treatment. There are ways of making it more comfortable that we use and whether that involves taking a pill or two prior to the procedure or having some local anesthetic injection in certain areas where the nerves are blocked, all the way up to giving patients a pretty strong narcotic.


Thanks for reading guys! I’ll be back in a few days to answer more common questions regarding Ultherapy. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about the Ultherapy and would like to schedule a consultation in Atlanta, feel free to visit